About Us

Our Company is one of the largest manufacturer of GE-ice in Hong Kong. We manufactures various kinds of GE-ice products. Due to the hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, bacteria breed easily. Thus, all food should be stored in a manner that ensures quality and maximizes safety of food served to customer.

We are committed to our promise. We only provide top quality product to our clients. We send our products to certified laboratory for testing frequently in order to maintain the products quality and safety.

  • Our products  are made from internationally high quality material-poly compounds. Also we make reference of manufacturing
     technique of ice bag and cooling agent from European market, American market and Japanese market.
  •  Reusable products  for multi-purposes.
  •  Products with different sizes can suit different industry needs.
  • Our low cost products are reusable, non-toxic, with no side effects, safe and economical.
  • HACCP is the best anti-bacteria cooling agent in respect of the food safety



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